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FW: "Pre-Engineered" Metal Buildings

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Just a note of thanks to all that responded, both on the listserver and privately, to my post.
I am having to go into our local Annotated Code to find out what the exact wording is regarding the stamping of plans, and by whom, and any exceptions that may be made.
In any event, all of the reponses were useful,  and I appreciate your comments.
T. Eric Gillham PE
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Subject: "Pre-Engineered" Metal Buildings

*** Not sure if specific topic has been covered before, but a quick search of the archives didn't turn up anything.
I would like some opinions on the stamping of so called "pre-engineered" metal buildings, particularly in the case where the manufacturer does not have a registered engineer in the locale where the building will be constructed.
My take on it is that there are no "pre" engineered structures --> all buildings are (or should be) engineered, it is only a question of who does the design work.  If it were possible to pre-engineer a building, then one could have a "pre"-engineered 40 storey R/C SMRF building, not just a 1 storey metal frame building.
Does anyone have any comments, preferably experience based, as to how their local building depts handle such structures that are not stamped by an engineer licensed in their juridiction?  Do the manufacturer's just get the plans rubber stamped (not an option for our office), or is some sort of exception made for that class of structure?  Or are ALL structures considered to be subject to the same rules and regs?
Any comments would be appreciated.
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