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Alternatives to Post-Tensioning Construction

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Developers in my area (i.e. Upper Mid-West, low seismic) are looking at building an 11-story condo near a river. I'm sure it will require deep foundations, but my question has to do with the superstructure.  They have looked at some existing condos as proto-types, and found one in Atlanta that they feel is a good model project. It is a post-tensioned superstructure. They sited the minimal floor-to-floor height, as well as, the good sound characteristics of the concrete system. 

There has been little to none post-tension construction in our area. One of the G.C.'s looking at construction costs was wondering if a more conventional design, such as a steel column/composite beam and deck system would be a viable alternative. I do not have any experience with post-tensioning, and would not be involved if the project went this direction, but was wondering what some of the advantages/disadvantages are in comparing these systems. 


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