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Web4engineers Emailer

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Funny...I was posing the same question earlier about
renting apps online...then i got this email from the
same company...I called them up and talked to their
Bus Dev's all legitimiate...but it is not
REI...apparently they have spun off another division
called Web4engineers...they have agreements with RISA,
Cadopia (I think they make Intellicad), SpaceGass,
COSMOS and other Research prodcuts. They apparently
share the same email server which is why it came from
a Research email address. They split the revenues with
each of the companies. What do you guys think? I know
some of you engineers responded, but what about the
following points:

1) Small businesses who don't want to buy a $20,000
detailing package or a $50,000 FEM package (like
NASTRAN or ADINA) but still need the power to do
something for a particular job. I know we had to do
some geo work for a battered pile once. Would havebeen
nice if we could have rented L-PILE instead of buying
a copy and billing the client.

2) Clients ask you to use a particular software. 

3) Infrequent use of software in certain disciplines
that we structural engineers need to dabble in once in
a while

4) Don't have to worry about computer specs, hardware
keys, etc.

5) Can access it from anywhere (multiple offices can
centralize their software)...a lot of job trailers now
have Internet access...

What do you guys think? Our company is looking into
this. We have 6 offices. Please let me know. 



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