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Personally, I think this is the wave of the future IFF... They can work the
bugs out.

FWIW, you can now "rent" office applications. I believe that StarDivision
already has their StarOffice suite available at a very nominal cost as a web
application, and I heard that Corel had plans for WordPerfect as a web-app.
Of course, MS will be the 900 pound gorilla in that market.

But the point is, I think the proof-of-concept is already there. Your point
about L-Pile and these heavy-lifting FEM solutions is right on the money.
Some of these things, you just don't need that often, but when you do...

Personally, it is worth it to me to "own" VisualAnalysis and Design, because
I use them frequently, but I think the niche-market apps are a natural for
the web-based rent-an-app concept.

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1) Small businesses who don't want to buy a $20,000
detailing package or a $50,000 FEM package (like
NASTRAN or ADINA) but still need the power to do
something for a particular job. I know we had to do
some geo work for a battered pile once. Would havebeen
nice if we could have rented L-PILE instead of buying
a copy and billing the client.

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