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Re: residential pier foundation design

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Jeff and Oshin,
The Los Angeles City Hillside Dwelling Code (Division 92) is available from ICBO as part of the L.A. City Code book package (ICBO Item 133A99).  It is a voluntary seismic retrofit ordinance for dwellings.  It is applicable to houses built on slopes of 3:1 or steeper.  However, If, on your 2:1 slope project, you are contemplating non-rectangular plywood sheathed shear walls (Non-rectangular because of sloping or stepped sole plates), you would benefit from reviewing the rules in Division 92. 
Non-rectangular plywood-sheathed shear walls are not conventional wood-frame construction, and they led to serious structural damage in the Northridge Earthquake.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
<Oshin wrote: I suggest you take a look at the City of Los Angeles "Seismic Design Provisions for Hillside Buildings". R=4.5 and no plywood shearwalls in the downhill direction.>