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RE: Web4engineers Emailer

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Title: RE: Web4engineers Emailer

I wrote an e-commerce proposal three years ago on this subject, and run many financial modules. One of the conclusions that I had was that unless I charge people with less than $1 per usage per module, there is no financial incentive for the users. Surprise or not, I didn't think anybody wants to pay a price equals to their typical lunch money everyday to run a program. My pricing structure will be: for the generalized tools such as Intellicad, we would strike a deal with the vendor, and make it free to its members, and share incomes with other specialty program vendors.

The customer is the only measuring factor for a successful service. If you provide what others need, your need will be fulfilled, almost automatically...

The line to the internet will be faster, the bugs in the web site will be fixed. Running application on the web is definitely the trend to go. I am so sick and tired of carrying my computer with me on airplanes, or in my car. I am very optimistic that there will be a day that I can just go anywhere in the world, doing my project without carrying dwgs, computers, pencils and calculators. Of course we have to talk to the ICBO or IBC people so that code will be online too, free, of course.

Just curious, I remember someone mentioned way back that City of Los Angeles was doing plan check or submittal on line, I wonder how successful it is. Anyone?