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Re: Floor flatness/stair flatness

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There was a series of articles on stairs in "Building Standards Magazine" 
several years ago that might address sloping of stair treads.  This, I 
believe, is more critical than floor flatness in a school situation as a 
tread sloping to the nosing tends to throw a person forward.

The common specification for floor flatness years ago was a deviation of not 
more than 1/8" from a 10-ft. straightedge.


A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

James Cohen wrote:

. > With regard to Stan Scholl's question, there are no building 
. > specifications. The building is circa 1917 and was remodeled over 10 
. > years ago as a school. There should be regulations which still control, 
. > however, as this is an educational building, regardless of age.

. > With regard to Mark Nowmos' questions, the school is in Yardley, PA, it 
. > is a N-8 school. There is no ADA compliance in the school, but I believe 
. > the remodeling predates these requirements.

. > For information, I recently measured floor slopes in excess of 2.5 deg at
. > various locations including across hallways, down stair treads and along 
. > the length of hallways at ridges in the floor profile.

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