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Re: Here we go again

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Just make sure somehow you get the CD from Russia for the 10 or whatever buck you have sent there. Because we have sent 300 bucks for a couple of software from Russia and never got the CD. If you know some one HONEST over there please give us his contact.
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Subject: Here we go again

I am wondering if it was a good idea answering that RISA website email.

I just got an email (privately) from webmaster(--nospam--at) which is offering a "rent a software" over the internet.

REI may claim innocence, the address sure looked familiar to me (Southern Cal)  But a few months back, someone was using the REI email address unbeknownst to the prez. Seems a little too coincidental that the RISA question came up, I get this email, and the contents of the email are regarding non REI software.

Maybe I could send the place the SAFE model I'm currently working on sot it would crash their system

Next I'll be getting the 10 buck CD offer with ACAD 2000 and Sap from Russia ...

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