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Re: residential pier foundation design

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With regard to Chapter 16, section 1666 of COLA bld'g. code.....
I'm getting tired of justifying myself to clients and contractors regarding design fees, primary anchorages, secondary anchorages, etc. for hillside construction.
I would like to have a little library of photos of the Northridge damage to hillside construction which led to adoption of the COLA hillside ordinance. Something I could pull out to show clients or contractors when they are whining about overdesign.
Does anyone know of an online photo archive of this damage?
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Sent: Wednesday, May 09, 2001 5:28 PM
Subject: Re: residential pier foundation design

Division 92 is the "voluntary earthquake hazard reduction in existing wood frame residential buildings with weak cripple walls and unbolted sill plates."
The "seismic design provisions for hillside buildings" is section 1666 of chapter 16 of the 1999 Los Angeles Building Code, and they are mandatory for new construction and alterations.
Oshin Tosounian, S.E.
Los Angeles, CA
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Sent: Wednesday, May 09, 2001 4:31 PM
Subject: Re: residential pier foundation design

Jeff and Oshin,
The Los Angeles City Hillside Dwelling Code (Division 92) is available from ICBO as part of the L.A. City Code book package (ICBO Item 133A99).  It is a voluntary seismic retrofit ordinance for dwellings.  It is applicable to houses built on slopes of 3:1 or steeper.  However, If, on your 2:1 slope project, you are contemplating non-rectangular plywood sheathed shear walls (Non-rectangular because of sloping or stepped sole plates), you would benefit from reviewing the rules in Division 92. 
Non-rectangular plywood-sheathed shear walls are not conventional wood-frame construction, and they led to serious structural damage in the Northridge Earthquake.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
<Oshin wrote: I suggest you take a look at the City of Los Angeles "Seismic Design Provisions for Hillside Buildings". R=4.5 and no plywood shearwalls in the downhill direction.>