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Pre-engineered Bldg Foundation

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Hi Everyone!
I read with interest the discussion/advice on
"Pre-engineered Metal Buildings" particulary because I
am designing foundations for such a building.  This 
building with a bridge crane produces an outward
thrust of approx. 75 kips.  "Hairpin" is not
recommended to counteract this large outward kick.  I
am told "tie rods" connecting opposite column bases of
the rigid frame would be much preferable.  Now, I have
seen this detail somewhere, including an angle located
just below the column base plate with the anchor bolts
threading thru holes in the angle.  I can't locate
that source now.  I understand "Butler" has a
"Foundation Design and Construction Manual" which
provides some guidance.
Here are my questions:
1.  Has anybody seen this reference?  or, any other
reference which will provide design guidance.
2.  How do you design this angle connection  -  do you
design as a simply supported beam, with concentrated
loads from two AB's and tie-rods acting as supports? 
Seems like I will need several tie-rods at each
3.  What kind of pre-tension do I need to specify in
the tie-rods?  Would a 10% pre-tension of the
allowable capacity of the tie rods be adequate?  
4.  I assume turn-buckles in the tie-rods would be
used for this purpose.  How do we measure the
5.  Would you locate the tie rods within the slab or
below the slab?

Thanks for your precious guidance/advice to keep me
out of trouble.


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