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Structuralist.Net - Calculations Wanted.

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I would like to establish a library of sample calculations (any format that can be printed to a PDF file for review or in a useable MathCad, TEDDS or spreadsheet format) the professionals can access when called upon to do a calculation which they may not do very often. I would like to create either a PDF library or an HTML reference guide that can be accessed online.
I would also like some input on how to make this accessible and whether or not I should restrict access only to licensed Architects and Engineers. I think this might be difficult to do (easy to password protect, but hard to insure that only the registered user is accessing the reference materials).
Like the software productivity tools and templates, all calculations are available as is - the user needs to verify the information as accurate for their intended use.
Please write me separately at admin(--nospam--at) to tell me your opinions on the idea and whether or not you feel it is a useful reference tool. All credit will be issued to those who submit sample calculations and I will devote as much information online to it as you would like.
I was led to this idea by the many threads asked by professionals who are attempting to interpret the code. The calculations can be representative of the general opinions that are submitted by others to lock in a standard of practice and to create a reference that is available to anyone for review and use.
I believe this can be a tremendous tool and would like you opinions as well as commitments from those would like to contribute. As a starting point, I would like to obtain some sample calculations on:

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