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I know that my company actually takes pleasure in laying out serious money annually to Ram International (developers of RamSteel, RamFrame, etc.) knowing that every nickel we give them supports significant improvements in some of our main productivity tools.  We also benefit from annual service contracts which give us the right to immediate person-to-person support by the actual authors of the  software.

Why starve the people who are so central to our continuing success by denying them the income they need to continue development?  Some of the people who have been writing seem to think they are scoring a big bargain by getting a low, black-market price on some "old standard" analysis packages.  Well, I think a lot of these packages are essentially moribund.  Serious development ended long ago and part of the reason is the developers are too cash-strapped to undertake much more than keeping up with new hardware and operating systems.  The best software comes from outfits that have industry support in terms of cash flow.

Tom Higgins

>>> "Bill Polhemus" <bill(--nospam--at)> 05/11 9:36 AM >>>
Capitalism works (just ask the former "Soviets").

If you are unwilling to pay the software developer for his/her efforts, why
the heck should they bother developing the software? When we all do the
right thing, and pay for the software we use, we all benefit.

Yep, it hurts sometimes, forking over all that dough. But it is worth it.
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  I got an email concerning the purchase of "software" from .ru source.
Your experience confirms my suspicions that they really did not have the
software, just the titles that looked attractive for purchase.

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