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Hi fellow members,
Not having the full code, just a few pages that Neil Moore e-mailed me (thanks again!), I found some worrying things:
If you look at 1816.4.6 just below formula (16-12-1) it says: 1 pound = 4.45kN whereas it should be 4.45N
(in other words a factor of 1000 out!).
What is more worrying: was this "wrong value" used in producing the formulae? (e.g. 16-12-2, can I use the formula as it stands, or must I divide it by 1000??)
Have there been any errata published on the code that perhaps address such errors? has an excellent program downloadable in case you find it helpful (I can remember what it was like converting from imperial to metric in South Africa, so my sympathy). This program is freeware.
Thys Cilliers