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Re: Acad contour lines

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I outlined a hand method using autocad. It is in the archives at the seaint site. I believe I used surface and view commands as guides for drawing the contours. Point elevations were inputted with 3 dimensions. and their connecting lines ended where passing through the drawn plan at the required elevation. There must be a way to snap the intersection of line and plane when visually seen as the end of the reference line. I had some recommendations of line types. In response readers thought it to be easier to buy routines for a few hundred $.  Its all there look it up.

David Merrick, SE

Keith De Lapp wrote:

Can someone tell me if there is a shareware program or lisp routine to generate some contour lines.  I don't have many too data points and I want Acad to generate the contours on an existing drawing.  I'm not about to purchase Land Development Desktop to do this.  Before I sketch them manually I thought I would throw myself at mercy of the CAD Gods.  Thanks for your thoughts and efforts in advance.