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IBC 2000 Deterministic ground motion

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I am trying to understand the requirements of IBC 2000, Section 1615.2.2 for
deterministic limit on MCE ground motion, and its relationship to Section
1615.2.1 for probabilistic MCE. For Site Class F, a site-specific evaluation
is required per Section 1615.2. In 1615.2.2, it states to determine the site
coefficients Fa and Fv per Section 1615.1.2, which states to use Tables
1615.1.2 (1) & (2), which state to "determine appropriate values" per a
site-specific geotechnical investigation, for Site Class F. Is there any
guidance given anywhere as to how to determine Fa and Fv based on a
site-specific geotechnical investigation? 

Section 1615.2.1 requires that a response spectrum be developed based on the
MCE, for a 2-percent probability of exceedance in a 50-year period. I would
expect that a Geotechnical Engineer with seismic knowledge would be able to
develop this response spectrum. But it is not as clear that a Geotechnical
Engineer will understand how to determine Fa and Fv, as noted above.

Can anyone help clear this up? 

William C. Sherman, PE
Camp Dresser & McKee, Inc.
Denver, CO
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