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RE: Info Requested: Microstation PowerDraft

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Somehow we've gotten off track here. I didn't say anything about Autocad.
Autocad was mentioned by OTHERS who were trying to be helpful. I agree that
the "translation" is pretty useless without a lot of additional work.

Again, I'm trying to get information about POWERDRAFT, and whether it might
be a fitting tool to use in generating drawings for the Microstation

Sorry, I know that many here are trying to be helpful, but my original
question has now been obscured by this cross-platform discussion. I suppose
such a discussion might be of interest to some here, but it is not to me. I
use Autocad for just about everything, but I have this one VERY IMPORTANT
client who uses Microstation because they are a traffic engineering firm,
and therefore all their clients are in the public transportation sector, and
generally all those entities use Microstation because they've used CAD since
the early 80s when Intergraph was the only viable game in town for their

Microstation is a very good product. I like it fine, just as I like Autocad
just fine.


Thanks, I feel better now.

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Our office uses MicroStation (why, I couldn't tell you, considering that
other office we deal with uses AutoCAD, but I digress).  Although it reads
writes to AutoCAD fairly well, be advised that your drawings will look like
they were done by amateurs after being translated and plotted.

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