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RE: Info Requested: Microstation PowerDraft

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The problem is, Dennis, that I don't have the luxury of dictating this to my

You typically don't have the option of telling your client what system you
might want to set up. These sorts of things invariably run into "time ==
money" and that is something these clients can't afford.

Therefore, the easiest thing to do, for me, is to conform to their project
requirements. The more seamlessly I fit into their workflow, the better it
is for all concerned. Typically this means they email me their drawings and
I do my work in them or based on them (as reference files). Then I email the
finished product.

They worry about plotting them, collating them with their worksets, and
distributing them. Saves me a lot of headaches, actually.

In return, I don't rock the boat. It's a very good relationship.

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There are other solutions - including a project type intranet that will
allow Bill to continue to work in the platform he is most comfortable with
(or with the software he already owns).

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