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Visual Basic question

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Anyone on the list that knows Visual Basic 6.......What is wrong with the following code?  (The change of bases works fine but the Print is where I'm getting a runtime error).
Dim AA, BB, CC, Rythm As Double
Dim i As Integer
Option Base 1
Private Sub cmdExit1_Click()
End Sub
Private Sub cmdCompute_Click()
If i = 1 Then
Open CmnDialog1.BasesData For Output As #1
Else: i = i + 1
End If
AA = Num1.Text
BB = Newbase.Text
Rythm = Log(AA) / Log(BB)
CC = 10# ^ Rythm
Newnum.Text = CC
If Check1.Value Then
Print #1, Num1.Text; Newbase.Text; Newnum.Text
Else: Close #1
End If
End Sub
TIA,  Greg