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HELP!, Chicago Area (Waukegan) Septic Tanks

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This is 'way off-topic.  Please reply to me off the list, thanx...

Waukegan, Illinois -- My son's neighbor re-routed his septic tank drain
into the drainage
ditch that goes by my son's house.  This neighbor drives an over-the-road
tractor and wiped out his drainfield by parking on top if it.  I understand
he tied into his septic tank outlet with a white pvc pipe and routed it
directly into the culvert that discharges underneath the street and into
the ditch by my son's house.

My son's wife has repeatedly called the Health Department.  One inspector
stepped into the ditch, and declared it was sewage.  Another put dye into
the septic tank and it appeared in the ditch.  None of us can understand
that no action has been taken.  This has been ongoing since October.

My son has 4 children, with another due yesterday, and he's beside himself
worried about their health. 

Can any of you in the Chicago area offer any advice?

Fountain E. Conner, P.E.
Gulf Breeze, Fl. 32561

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