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[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] Go to Master Builders Web site. They have a system called MBrace. Understand the web site allows you to to design beams, etc. Sika can also be contacted for their system. Believe they have a CD with design aids. A system out of Univerisity of Arizona by Dr. Mo xxx (can't remember his full name but have his business card at work) also offers a system and will help in the design. Respond if you want his name. Have seen two yellow colored text books on subject also. My understanding is that steel being reinforced is not common, however, is in the research phase and has been done before.
Watch out for your fire rating.

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  Dear Colleagues:
I need information about reinforcement of concrete (and steel?) by means of carbon fiber . Any input as softs, books, sites,etc will be welcome.
  Thanks in advance

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