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RECAP -- Re: Proportional Limit, A36 Plate

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The more I learn, the less I know...

Suggested range of Fp is between 70 percent and 100 percent of Fy.  If we
were voting, the 100 percent figure would be in the lead (I found a couple
more references).  But you all have your suspicions about how votes are
dealt with in Florida ;-)

Charlie Carter pointed out that I'm likely to have A-36 steel with a yield
significantly higher that 36ksi.  Good!

Charlie also noted we weren't likely to get into the range of yield in this
design.  Agreed, but the variation of Fp has almost a one-to-one
relationship to the allowable bending stress in the shell.  With the
geometry of this stack, Fp 30 percent below Fy (from Neil Moore), reduces
allowable bending stress by about 28 percent, nearly a one-to-one

I'm not comfortable with this much variation.


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