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Re: RECAP -- Re: Proportional Limit, A36 Plate

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Just to get up to play catch up on this conversation:  Are you trying to
determine the longitudinal stresses in your stack per Section 4.6.1 of the
ASME STS-1 standard?

Neil Moore
neil moore and associates
shingle springs, california
>The more I learn, the less I know...
>Suggested range of Fp is between 70 percent and 100 percent of Fy.  If we
>were voting, the 100 percent figure would be in the lead (I found a couple
>more references).  But you all have your suspicions about how votes are
>dealt with in Florida ;-)
>Charlie Carter pointed out that I'm likely to have A-36 steel with a yield
>significantly higher that 36ksi.  Good!
>Charlie also noted we weren't likely to get into the range of yield in this
>design.  Agreed, but the variation of Fp has almost a one-to-one
>relationship to the allowable bending stress in the shell.  With the
>geometry of this stack, Fp 30 percent below Fy (from Neil Moore), reduces
>allowable bending stress by about 28 percent, nearly a one-to-one
>I'm not comfortable with this much variation.

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