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concrete topics

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Fellow Engineers,

Every year, through the University of Minnesota, a
group of engineers plans and hosts a Concrete
Conference.  It runs one day and features speakers on
a variety of topics; each topic usually occupies 45
minutes or an hour.  This year's Conference is on
December 6.  Finding myself on the planning committee,
and needing to come up with some topics, it occurred
to me to tap into the vast creative maelstrom (very
underused word, maelstrom) that is this List.

In years past, subjects have included mix design,
slab-on-ground design and construction, curing
compounds, modular block retaining walls, admixtures,
fiber reinforcing, precast connections...well, a
diverse range of topics.  In addition, we usually try
to highlight one or two local projects that showed
some creative or interesting use of concrete (only
with this group could I type a sentence like that and
not get laughed at). 

The audience is a mix of consultants, contractors,
precasters, testing firms, ready-mix and admixture
suppliers, and DOT people--again, a diverse mix.

So, if you had a chance to go to something like this,
what would you like to see?  What topics would
interest you?  Are there speakers you have heard who
have been particularly good?  Let me know, on or off
list.  If 15 people in a room can plan a good
conference, 15,000 people ought to be able to plan a
great one.

Thanks for your help.

Michael Hemstad, P.E.
St. Paul, Minnesota  

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