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RE: Wood diaphragm allowables per IBC

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Bill Polhemus wrote: "IIRC UBC 1997 and SBC 1999 do not allow the increase
for wind design."

Actually SBC 1999 Section 2313.2.4 does allow the 40% increase - this is
where I first encountered it. The SBC 1999 Commentary refers to the change
in load factors for wood, but it is not clear what load factors they are
referring to. 

Eric Ober wrote: "The factor of safety for wind and seismic loading are
different. I believe that the FS for wind is 2.0 while that for seismic is

The SBC Commentary does note that this 1.4 factor is based on a "change in
load factors for wood structural panels from 2.8 to 2.0 (2.8/2.0 = 1.4)".
But what load factors / factors of safety are these referring to, i.e. where
are they defined and how are they applied to allowable stresses? Are they in
addition to the 1/3 allowable stress increase? 

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