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Re: Adding a mezzanine to a Masonry Building in Seismic Zone 4

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] I don't know about hardship, but I've had to do many seismic retrofits as a result of occupancy change and been involved in even more projects where my client went looking for another property because of the required change. While I know occupancy is usually the architect's area, I recommend you be prudent and double check whatever the architect tells you. Have him give you code sections to justify a conclusion that the occupancy is the same. Architects do make mistakes and I didn't get paid by an architect who made a mistake when he advised the client and me. The city read it as a change in occupancy, and the client went elsewhere after we did the project.

Steve Privett

Structuralist wrote:

Sorry, I believe it was either a restaurant or a small bar before. I don't
think the occupancy changed, but I will ask the architect involved as you
raise a good point. However, is there no relief for tenant improvements
where only one space is used. It seems somehow unfair to redesign an old
building to accommodate a tenant change.


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