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Anchoring in rock

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Fellow engineers,
I am working in a design job, including foundations in
an area with a shallow rock layer. Some of the structures
to be supported involve high piers, to be properly secured
against lateral forces and overturning, arising from wind and
Instead of rock excavation to allow for big footings working
as counterweights, we are considering the option of anchoring
in the rock, reducing both, expensive rock excavation and the volume
of concrete. The anchors would be grout injected rebars.
If anybody could help, we are looking for some hint regarding
the following :  minimum spacing of the anchors, "skin friction"
or allowable bonding to be considered in the rock, for determining
anchor capacity and the required length. Any special consideration
if bundle bars are used. Information about some SPECS to be
got on line will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance
Raul Labbé S.E.