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Re: Adding a mezzanine to a Masonry Building in Seismic Zone 4

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Hi Dennis,
    I think your approach is quite practical. I would try to load the
masonry building with the relative light weighed mezzanine as a knapsack
first than to design an independent structure. When selecting an
independent structure within a small building, I always find a lot of
constraint to put column(s) and footing(s) in a cramp space to make the
architect, and the owner happy.
    I do have a note though! You mentioned the mezzanine floor was for
light storage. I don't know what catagory you list it under. If you
select a 125.0 psf, you have an extra load to deal with for your seismic
calcs.Of course, if you treat it as some kind of retail, you don't have
to worry too much.
    Hope you can access some as-built construction document to help you
analysing the existing structure or you alert the owner to find a
testing agent on board for you.
Just 2 cents of thoughts and wish you luck.

Chris Tse
Sunnyvale, CA

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