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Pre-Engineered Metal Building-New Thread

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Based on the previous Pre-engineered building threads I have read, it seems 
there is a lot of skepticism in general with the usage of them and what we as 
engineers should do when working with PEMB on a project.  As I have stated 
before, I worked for several years for a PEMB supplier and for the last 11 
years have dealt with PEMB many times as both a foundation designer and 
assisting Clients in purchasing/constructing one.  I do not have any problems 
with their design or concepts provided they come from reputable companies.   

There are many companies out there that manufacture them.  I live in the 
Southeast, and I believe this area has the largest number of suppliers than 
any other geograhical region due to our small magnitude of design loads.  
Snow and Earthquake?..what are those?  Due to this, we also have the largest 
number of extremely  "low-end" metal building suppliers that do not even have 
a PE on staff.

I thought I would write a brief outline/guideline of what engineers should 
look for or think about specifying when dealing with a PEMB.  Hopefully, this 
would give you some peace-of-mind when dealing with them.   I thought the 
document would be better-presented if I addressed the subject based on what 
role you were playing in the design process.  Below is a quick list I came up 
but I was wanting to know if anyone could think of other roles.  I am not 
sure I can come up with any good advice on all topics, but these are the 
roles I have experienced already:

Role #1--Foundation designer ONLY

Role #2-Assisting a Client in specifying a PEMB for purchase ONLY

Role #3-Specifying, Evaluating Bids, Foundation Design, and Monitoring 
Construction (basically everything except actually designing the PEMB)

Role #4-Investigation/retrofitting of existing PEMB for additional loading

Role #5-Expert Testimony into an existing PEMB

Role #6-Evaluating PEMB after a Natural Disaster (Tornado, or that Shaking 
ground thing I always see this List Server discussing)

Role #7-Attaching concentrated loads to a cold-formed Roof System that was 
designed based on a "pound per square foot" loading.
Your input would be greatly appreciated.

Ron Martin
Martin Stuctural Services, Inc.

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