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RE: non compact pipe

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An analogy may exist with steel stack design. Some good resources are Structural Engineering Handbook by Gaylord & Gaylord, and ASME STS-1 (stacks). Also look at chapter 20 of UBC.
Bob Hanson, S.E.
Torrance, Calif. 
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Subject: non compact pipe

AISC, 9th Edition, ASD
For a non compact pipe, 3" dia. , 14 ga, 33ksi
Appendix B5.2.a would have you adjust allowable stress by the Q factor but.... equations for Q are for single angles, stems of tees, with no mention of an applicable Q for pipe.
Am I correct in using B5.2.b equation A-B5-9 for Fa with no Q adjustment.
Am I correct in using F3.2 equation F3-3 for Fb with no Q adjustment.