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Re: non compact pipe

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If you were using Table 1.4.1B(1)  Allowable Stresses for Steel Tubular Shapes, AASHTO Standard Specs for Struc. Supports .....,1994, you would probably find that this is a Compact Section.

Neil Moore, S.E.
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At 09:37 AM 5/18/2001 -0700, Mark Baker wrote:
AISC, 9th Edition, ASD

For a non compact pipe, 3" dia. , 14 ga, 33ksi

Appendix B5.2.a would have you adjust allowable stress by the Q factor but.... equations for Q are for single angles, stems of tees, with no mention of an applicable Q for pipe.

Am I correct in using B5.2.b equation A-B5-9 for Fa with no Q adjustment.

Am I correct in using F3.2 equation F3-3 for Fb with no Q adjustment.