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Re: non compact pipe

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Thanks Charlie, I've contacted the building manufacturer (a green house) and discussed their manufacturing process. Turns out they roll all pipes up to .25" wall thickness so...I need to be dealing with AISI spec.
Can't wait to see what impact any seismic provisions have on this project.
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Subject: RE: non compact pipe

Do you know you are dealing with cold formed sections when:
a. wall thickness is listed as gauge
b. coin lands on heads
c. coin lands on tails 
Sorry. The AISI cold-formed spec deals with gage metal, primarily. There are a lot of similar provisions to those in the AISC Specification, but theirs is tailored to materials that are generally less than 1/8-in. thick. In fact, that's the dividing line I usually use as a rule of thumb. Their local buckling provisions differ from ours in approach and result. Were trying to rationalize them and should find a way to do it so there is not a discontinuity in the future.