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Re: RE: non compact pipe

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By all means for 16 gage material the AISI spec should be applied.  Otherwise local buckling is essentially ignored.  In a thin-wall compression member this could be a big mistake.  Local buckling is the probable controlling limit state for a short, thin-walled tube in compression.

>>> Charlie Carter <carter(--nospam--at)> 05/18 11:50 AM >>>
> For a non compact pipe, 3" dia. , 14 ga, 33ksi . 
> AISC Specification Appendix B5.2.a would have 
> you adjust allowable stress by the Q factor but.... 
> equations for Q are for single angles, stems of 
> tees, with no mention of an applicable Q for pipe. 
AISC has the HSS Specification, which provides Q factors for HSS and steel
pipe. For now, it's available in print at 
<> . It will soon join the list of free spec downloads
once we have the 2000 version back from the typesetter.
Since you mentioned that it is gage material, you may want to consider using
the AISI Specification, which covers cold formed steel design. AISI is at <> .

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