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Sample Hand Calculations wanted.

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As many of you know, I am starting a reference library on the
Structuralist.Net where we will store in Adobe Acrobat format structural
calculations to be used for reference by those who need references to
refresh their memory for designs that they do not perform often, those who
are interested in discussing the calculations in order to better trace the
evolution in the code process that led to the current analysis, and students
/ Apprentices who are studying and learning from others the methods of
design and analysis.
While electronic templates are very much appreciated, our goal here is to
create a simple hand calculation library (Cybrary) where the calculations
can be embellished with pop-up comments describing important considerations
make when preparing the calculations (such as code references, professional
assumptions etc.)

If you would be interested in submitting calculations for posting on the Cybrary, please contact me at
mailto:cybrary(--nospam--at) and I will provide you with instructions
for how to get the them to me. I am willing to scan them and convert them to
PDF here, but would appreciate it if you would provide two copies - one with
the references and comments that I will use to create the pop-up comments on
the Acrobat file.

We are encouraging those outside the United States to contribute as well.

In the engineering community, our calculations are a universal language. It
is a platform that we can use to trace the roots of the codes and to list
our expectation as to different ways to resolve problems. One of the
strengths of the Cybrary will be to provide a discussion forum for each calc
(if necessary) that will discuss and hopefully explain how the analysis was
derived and what codes or commentaries can help the user learn the rational
needed to understand the methods.

I will take any precaution you choose as long as it is possible. If you
prefer the calculations protected from download or printing, I can provide
the protection. I can also remove your name and job from the calc's or make
them known if you want to contribute to any discussion.

I believe strongly that an online reference library of calculations is
needed and has great desire to many in the professional community. There
will never be an attempt to gain financially from your contribution and you
will be relieved of any and all liability resulting from the review and use
of your submittal.

Please help us support the Structuralist.Net Cybrary as I believe it can go
a long way to help engineers in practice.

Dennis S. Wish, PE
Structural Engineering Consultant
(208) 361-5447 E-Fax

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