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RE: Calc Reference Library - Concern for Caution?

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I wouldn't worry about this. We're talking about engineers here, not some
guy off the street who wants to snatch some of these calcs and use them to
build a building.

How is this any different from going to a textbook or other reference, and
using the design examples shown therein as a "go-by" on which to base your
own calculation approach? If you've proven yourself worthy of licensure as a
professional engineer, I think you have to assume that MOSTLY people will
take these for what they're worth.

I just don't see the problem here, other than copyright or "fair use," and
you're getting tacit approval from the people who originated them, by virtue
of their putting them on your site.

I do a lot of needless worrying, too, but this seems even to me to be a

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