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Plywood shear panels / box nails

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Is it reasonable to assume that box nails perform as well as common nails in
plywood shear panels within the deflection limits required by the Uniform
Building Codes prior to 1997 (.005h)
?  Has there been any cyclic testing done
recently in that regard?  I have the test results done by Seb Ficcadenti and
there does not appear to be an appreciable difference but there seems to be a
difference of opinion amongst structural engineers as to whether the proper
test protocol was used in the testing procedure.  I was also told by many
that the SEAOC did not accept the results as being valid, but I don't know
for what reason.

It seems that 8-10 years ago and prior most wood framed residential projects
with plywood shear walls and diaphragms were nailed with gun nails that were
box nails.   

I would like your opinions on this issue or any sources of information on
documented cyclic test results on plywood shear panels nailed with box nails.

Thanks in advance.

Ray Shreenan SE