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Re: Concrete slab / vibration damage

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Canadian Building Digest (CBD-63), Blasting and Building Damage, say "the
threshold of damage corresponds to a
horizontal (or vertical velocity of about 3 inches per second in the
foundation walls nearest the blast.".

NCHRP Synthesis 253, Dynamic Effects of Pile Installations on Adjacent
Structures has charts that indicate that 2 to 3 inches per
second is a appropriate threshold for lower frequency vibrations (less than
10 Hz).   For vibrations with frequencies higher than 10 Hz the
damage threshold may be higher.

Another paper indicates that for "structures of substantial construction"
the threshold is 4 inches per second.

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Subject:  Concrete slab / vibration damage

Hi folks:

Do any of you have information or references that would indicate the
threshold for peak particle velocity from remote sources such as blasting,
seismic or heavy construction equipment that would begin to cause cracking
concrete floor slabs on grade in residential structures?  I have seen
on damage to dry wall and plaster from these sources, but nothing on
4" concrete floor slabs that are found in production housing in southern

Thanks in advance.

Ray Shreenan  SE

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