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RE: "street creep"?

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Bridge folks sometimes run into this at bridge abutments - the pavement leading up to the abutment tends to grow longer, closing the gaps in the expansion joints at the ends of the bridge. Some is likely thermal, some may be permanent compression under load and pounding of the paving material and subsurface. You'd have to ask a bridge / roadway person what research data they have to substantiate this behavior.
Bob Shaw
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Subject: "street creep"?

I performed a residential structural inspection late last week and came
across odd foundation damage that the home inspector attributed to "street
creep".  The crawl space wall abutting the garage slab as well as the garage
slab have moved with respect to the framing and other crawl space walls, a
distance of almost 2 inches.  I have not found any reasonable explanation.  
The joints between the garage slab and the driveway and the street are all
tight.  I ruled out that the house has moved with respect to the street.  So,
I am researching possible answers.  Any thoughts?  Any published "Street
Creep" info?

John D. Schwarz