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RE: Concrete slab / vibration damage

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There is a book available through Amazon by Prof. Charles Dowding that covers a large number of types of damage from vibrations.  I don't recall if slabs were covered (and the book is at home right now) but he has good clear discussions on what to look for to evaluate same. 
However, in my experience, slab cracking in residential construction is usually related to temperature, shrinkage, direct vertical loads or settlement.  The only case I can think of where vibration might be the proximate cause would be a slab on grade built on loose sand that was subsequently densified by vibration.
But, then my experience has been in Northern California, so take it for what is's worth.   :<)
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Subject: Concrete slab / vibration damage

Hi folks:

Do any of you have information or references that would indicate the
threshold for peak particle velocity from remote sources such as blasting,
seismic or heavy construction equipment that would begin to cause cracking in
concrete floor slabs on grade in residential structures?  I have seen papers
on damage to dry wall and plaster from these sources, but nothing on typical
4" concrete floor slabs that are found in production housing in southern

Thanks in advance.

Ray Shreenan  SE