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RE: Steel lintel beam

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Sent: Monday, May 21, 2001 9:58 AM
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Subject: Steel lintel beam

I have a question about using a wide flanged steel beam for supporting an
opening in a masonry wall.  The opening is 50 feet, with 8 feet of masonry
wall above.  I'm planning on using a steel beam, designed as simply
supported.  I have two questions.
1. What deflection limits should I use for the steel beam?   Also, should
the dead load from the roof joists be considered as live load? 
L/600; No, the dead load of joist would be just dead load. Can the wide
flange be exposed? What size of masonry are you using? I've seen trusses
work in this scenario if the beam can't be exposed  
2.  If I design the steel beam as simply supported, is there a potential
problem with cracking in the masonry wall due to negative bending
stresses?  Control joints on either side should take care of that.
I have a low roof that frames in to the side of the masonry wall at the same
level as the steel beam that will lateral support the steel beam.  Be wary
of torsion with the wide flange.
Thank you for any guidance.
Ed Jonson

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