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Re: Steel lintel beam

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Hi Ed,
1a. Deflection limit at least L /600 assuming your lintel is
concentrically loaded
      by the masonry wall from above.
  b. No, it will be considered as dead load.
2a. Yes, you either need to design the masonry wall integrating with the
steel beam
      below, or provide construction joints each end of opening. You
might have to
      design it because if the chord steel near that 8' feet high level,
you will have to
      deal with it.
  b. Don't know what kind of roof at both high and low roofs. For the
sake of
      discussion, assuming wood roofs meeting those 3:1 ratio, you are
able to
      rely on it to give you the required lateral restraint, or design
some positive

Chris Tse
Sunnyvale, CA

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