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Re: AutoCad R14 Exreferencing

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This is a bug in Autocad.  You have to establish the dimension style you
are using in the Xref as part of the main file prior to inserting the
Xref.  Also, the dimensions in the Xref may not use overrides.  They
must be a main dimension style.  There is no other work around that I am
aware of.
Jake Watson, E.I.T.
Salt Lake City, UT

> Keith De Lapp wrote:
> Thanks to those who commented on the Contour line issue.  I have a new
> question for the AutoGuru's among us.  This may be minor but it has
> grown  increasingly annoying.
> I have a created a dimension style that uses a flashy architectural
> style arrowhead I created.  I created the arrowhead as a block.  I can
> draw a leader line and print any detail and the arrowhead magically
> appears, no problem.  I can even insert the detail as a block into any
> drawing and still the arrowhead magically appears, no problem.
> But when I exref the detail into a new drawing from scratch or a new
> drawing started with my template the arrowheads revert back to the
> Autocad default (closed filled type of arrowhead).  If I take the same
> file I have exreffed into and insert the detail as a block the cool
> flashy arrowhead comes in no problem.  As near as I can tell, it only
> happens during exreferencing.
> From what I can tell, when you exref in a detail, Acad turns off the
> "dimsah" variable.  So I go ahead and turn it on.  Then I go and set
> the "dimblk" variable to my flashy arrowhead.  And when I do, it tells
> me the "block has not been defined, invalid".  So I insert the
> arrowhead block right next to the exrefed detail and setup the dim
> style in that drawing to use the flashy arrowhead.  I can now draw a
> leader and the flashy arrowhead appears.  But when I xref in another
> dwg right next to the previous xref, I get the same result, it reverts
> back to Acad's default arrowhead.  But when you draw a leader, as I
> said previously, you get the flashy arrowhead.
> The good news is that I am getting arrowheads on all my plots.  But it
> is just bugging the #%&$! out of me.
> This happens on R14 and LT2000.   HELP!

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