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Re: electric motor vibration problem

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I once had a similar problem, when I was asked to investigate excessive
vibration near large electric motors on a floating bucket dredge.
I calculated the frequency of everything I could think of, and then I went to
the barge and brought a consultant who made frequency measurements using an
accelerometer that was hooked up to a Fourier analyzer.  The plots came up
showing that the major vibration was happening at the exact frequency that I had
calculated for the frequency of contact between one of the pinion and idler
gears that I had pre-calculated, so I told them to readjust the spacing between
the gears to reduce the "lash" and I had them weld on a steel brace to stiffen
the support beneath the ider gear.  Voala, the problem went away.  The neat
thing about structural dynamics, is that when you can figure something out you
look like a magician.


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