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RE: Botched Buildings

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Title: RE: Botched Buildings
  You can read (and print) the article from  They have all of their articles there.
Mark Jones
Jacobs Engineering
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Subject: RE: Botched Buildings

Neil, could you fax the article to me?  I don't mean to impose, if you would be willing , thank you.
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Subject: Botched Buildings

The latest issue of ENR (5/14/01) has an article starting on Page 56
discussing many problems with the construction industry.  Obviously many of
us have been caught up in this.  Recent discussions of engineering offices
knowingly turning out incomplete projects appears to be part of the
problem.  Many firms are trying to do "Instant Engineering" in order to
survive.  Some firms, like mine, will turn down projects where information
and a scope of work is lacking and an impossible time constraint is being
imposed by the Bean Counters. 

Some engineers are in the process of killing themselves.  I recently was
told of a firm who prides themselves on complete and thorough projects
where one of the principals had put in a 48 hour session in order to meet a

Anyway, try to get hold of this article and maybe someone will have some
suggestions on how to cope.

The paragraph that got my attention:

"Our users work in Internet time"........and "construction is a
bricks-and-mortar business that is nowhere near Internet time."

Neil Moore, S.E.
neil moore and associates
shingle springs, california

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