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RE: Special Inspection for Grout

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Good question.

I know we normally don't ask for it. However, after thinking about it, I'm
having second thoughts. It is a critical element, especially if the columns
are highly loaded and/or resisting moment. If it is not placed properly and
there is failure, it could affect the building stability. Our inspectors
usually don't have the time to look at every little thing in the field.
Therefore, if you don't have the special inspector look at this, there is
chance it may not get done properly. I would say on major projects, since
you already have special inspectors looking at concrete, you might as well
have them look at the grout.

Ben Yousefi, SE
San Jose, CA

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	I have a project where the building official thinks we should have
	inspection for the grout under column base plates and equipment.  He
	justifying this by applying the concrete section of UBC chapter 17
	1. Concrete, Exception 2) that requires special inspection for
	over 2500 psi.  I looked at several documents including SEAONC's
	"Guidelines for Special Inspection and Structural Observation" and I
	not seen anything that requires special inspection of grout.  Has
	ran across this situation before with a building official?

	Thomas Hunt, S.E.
	Duke/Fluor Daniel


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