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Re: AutoCad R14 Exreferencing

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;)GReat question. Its my pleasure to participate.

Hi Keith,

Even i faced that problem! ;-) the block is not associated with the xref file, I mean to say that its not loaded! in short term we can say its impossible by xref if you want user head arrow...

Cad Operator
Abu Dhabi

From: David B Merrick <mrkgp(--nospam--at)>
Reply-To: seaint(--nospam--at)
To: seaint(--nospam--at)
Subject: Re: AutoCad R14 Exreferencing
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 09:30:26 -0700

Maybe it is the scale of the arrow. Micro tiny arrow head.
As for  the contouring I found AUTOTOP 2.0 for free and am today,
attempting to use it. Have you? Is it worth trying?

David Merrick, SE

Keith De Lapp wrote:

> Thanks to those who commented on the Contour line issue.  I have a new
> question for the AutoGuru's among us.  This may be minor but it has
> grown  increasingly annoying. I have a created a dimension style that
> uses a flashy architectural style arrowhead I created.  I created the
> arrowhead as a block.  I can draw a leader line and print any detail
> and the arrowhead magically appears, no problem.  I can even insert
> the detail as a block into any drawing and still the arrowhead
> magically appears, no problem. But when I exref the detail into a new
> drawing from scratch or a new drawing started with my template the
> arrowheads revert back to the Autocad default (closed filled type of
> arrowhead).  If I take the same file I have exreffed into and insert
> the detail as a block the cool flashy arrowhead comes in no problem.
> As near as I can tell, it only happens during exreferencing. From what
> I can tell, when you exref in a detail, Acad turns off the "dimsah"
> variable.  So I go ahead and turn it on.  Then I go and set the
> "dimblk" variable to my flashy arrowhead.  And when I do, it tells me
> the "block has not been defined, invalid".  So I insert the arrowhead
> block right next to the exrefed detail and setup the dim style in that
> drawing to use the flashy arrowhead.  I can now draw a leader and the
> flashy arrowhead appears.  But when I xref in another dwg right next
> to the previous xref, I get the same result, it reverts back to Acad's
> default arrowhead.  But when you draw a leader, as I said previously,
> you get the flashy arrowhead. The good news is that I am getting
> arrowheads on all my plots.  But it is just bugging the #%&$! out of
> me. This happens on R14 and LT2000.   HELP!

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