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Perforated Shear Wall Question

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The following question was posted on the Structuralist.Net Discussion forum
by Yi Yang at:
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"I've been reading the articles mentioned on this board about the perforated
shear wall. I also read an article from AF&PA which can be obtained from the
American Wood Council web site. That article gives a example of two story
building utilizing the perforated shear wall method. The 2000 NEHRP draft
also has something similar to that, although I haven't seen a copy of that
yet. It seems to me that the example given in AWC article would require some
caution on the quality of construction, particularly how the sill plate is
fastened and the rim joist/blocking is fastened to the first floor to
maintain a continuous load path.
Here are my questions:
When is the final edition of the NEHRP 2000 edition going to be published?
(the downloadable version on their web site is still 1997 edition)
Since CA is not adopting IBC2000 at this time, is the method described above
acceptable to use, (by the plan checkers)?
Does the wall panels on of perforated shear wall needs to be strapped (CS16)
above and below the window openings?
What is an acceptable method (by the plan checkers) in CA to use in order to
justify the perforated shear wall theory? "

We invite responses from interested persons.

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