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Structuralist.Net - New Spreadsheet Template: Eccentrically loaded bolt group capacity, LRFD

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Yakov Polyakov, P.E., Seattle, WA. has posted the above Excel spreadsheet to
the Structuralist.Net Software Productivity forum at:

(copy this link beginning with http: and ending with BID=67, leave no spaces
or line breaks)

Yakov defines the spreadsheet as follows:
"Here's the spreadsheet to calculate bolt group ultimate shear capacity
under eccentric load. I compared the results with LRFD tables and ... they
match every digit! Spreadsheet is very simple to use, has graphics and
totally documented. "

I downloaded the spreadsheet and can tell you that the "Stun" factor of
great graphics, wonderful use of VBA and created spreadsheet functions makes
this a killer tool - not to mention the engineering value. Yakov has been a
past contributor to the Structuralist.Net forums and his work is both
exceptionally professional and very much appreciated by his peers.

Our Software Productivity Tools is growing and your contributions would be
greatly appreciated. If you are willing to share your creative tools with
your peers, you can easily upload them to the Structuralist.Net. We will
accommodate any type of tool you donate. Currently our MathCad library is
growing, but our TEDDS library is empty. If you have created any TEDDS
templates that you care to share, upload them directly to the forum or write
me and I'll provide you help or information as to how to do this.

We are also still seeking those who wish to participate in the Online
Reference Cybrary - a library of structural Calculations provided by
professionals for instant reference by other professionals. This is a
members only (always free) forum and will not be visible to non-members. To
participate you must request membership status and I will send you
information for registration. There are no fees - ever. The sole purpose of
keeping the Cybrary members only is to promote responsible use of the

Once again, much thanks to Yakov for helping to support his professional
peers by posting his software productivity tools to the Structuralist.Net
Discussion Forums.

Dennis S. Wish, PE
The Structuralist Administrator for:
AEC-Residential Listservice
(208) 361-5447 E-Fax

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