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I have been using TEDDS for around 9 months for 100% of my structural
calculations for light frame residential projects.  It is an excellent tool
and the more I use it the more I like it.  For my use of the software,  all
of the prepackaged engineering functions and templates are a secondary

The primary benefit for me is the ability to prepare and present
calculations exactly as I want,  without any of the forced formats of most
other software packages.  I get productivity in similar fashion to AutoCAD
by reusing my calculation templates and data.  And there is absolutely ZERO
programming is required.

Since it is MS Word,  I can ( and do ) dump anything and everything in;  cad
drawings, spreadsheets,  old DOS based .txt file outputs,  screen shots, and
continue using my old tools. A little cut-n-paste and I have one seamless
calculation package from multiple sources.  When all the number crunching is
done,  I save it as a pure Word document and almost anyone can use the file.

Robert Shaffer, PE
Santa Cruz, CA

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> I suspect that the CSC people have been busy introducing TEDDS throughout
> the United States. I have been in contact with the company and have
> discussed the software with them. While David mentioned the TEDDS forums
> both the Software Productivity Library and the Software Users Forum on the
> Structuralist.Net, we have nothing to offer as of today. I spoke with Carl
> Taylor of CSC Alanta (our TEDDS representative) and invited him to
> participate in the Discussion Forums. He thought it was a great idea but
> doing a lot of traveling as CSC is having seminars throughout the US.
> For those of you in California, I received notification of their Free
> Software Seminar on June 12 in San Diego and on June 13 in Los Angeles.
> can get more information on space availability from CSC by calling
> 770-541-4690.
> For those who painfully discovered, MathCad Professional 2001 has
> in retail price to over $850.00, although the upgrade is still around
> $249.00. I've looked at 2001 and as with most of the past versions, don't
> believe that there is sufficient change in the software to justify the
> additional upgrade cost. If you plan to publish calculations on the
> (or an Intranet) then I suppose 2001 offers significant upgrade. Each
> version, I expect to see the features that engineers need - creative sheet
> formatting (title blocks that can transfer from page to page for example),
> the ability to embed engineering unit directly into a library so that you
> need not have it appear on each sheet and much more.
> The justification for TEDDS is that it not only provides engineers with an
> electronic calculations pad, but it provides a significant library of
> templates that are practical (read "code-compliant"). Where there are some
> great MathCad contributors such as Thomas P. Magner (Probably the heaviest
> contributor of structural engineering templates), the templates tend to be
> more academic than practical based. Not so for TEDDS and although I have
> reviewed the software as yet - there is some very interesting information
> their website.
> I will be (hopefully soon) reviewing TEDDS as one of the first
> Structuralist.Net Software Reviews. Those who remember our reviews in the
> SEA Online Journals will appreciate what you learn on the
> We put the software through it's paces in practical application - yes,
> projects. There is only one way to properly evaluate and report software -
> that is to use it. While this has messed up many of my clients schedules
> over the years (learning curve) it has introduced me to some excellent new
> products.
> So if you believe that combining a template library together with a user
> friendly Electronic Calculations Pad is worth about half the cost of
> alone, then your decisions already made. Else wise, I suggest to contact
> to find out when they are coming to town and visit their website for more
> information.
> One final note: When was the last time that MathCad offered a six month
> money back satisfaction guarantee? Check out the TEDDS website
> .

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