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Re: Salt Lateral Bin Pressures

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There's also a document published by CISC in 1980, by Dr. Troitsky: "Design
Guidelines for Rectangular Steel Bins".

Amongst a lot of other useful information it has the following:

Table 2.4 - Design Properties of Materials:

Salt crystals - bulk density (packed) 1300 kg/m³ (81 lb/ft³), aerated
density 1060 kg/m³ (66 lb/ft³), angle of repose 40°

and in Table 2.3 - Effect of angle of repose on flowability:

25 - 30°    Very free flowing granules
30 - 38°    Free flowing granules
38 - 45°    Powdered granules, fair to passable flow

... I think that fine salt would have an angle of repose somewhat lower than

My other source of useful information is "Pocket Ref" published by Sequoia
Publishing at

This tells me that coarse salt is 50 lb/ft³, fine salt 75 lb/ft³, angle of
repose 30 - 45° for both materials.

Peter James
Novatech Engineering Consultants Ltd.

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