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RE: white oak peg

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"Wood Engineering and Construction Handbook", 2nd edition, by Keith Faherty
and Thomas Williamson has a table with values.  "Timber Construction
Manual", 4th edition, by American Institute of Timber Construction does

Roger C. Davis
SDS Architects, Inc.

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There is a series of research reports sponsored by the USDA on these
connections.  I know you can get a copy of them from the Timber Framers
Business Council for a nominal fee, Log Home & Timber Frame Home Shows: TFBC
There are a total of three reports.

Chris Daniels

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I am looking for design values for white oak pegs used in shear for mortise
and tenon connections.  I have the NDS values for shear parallel to grain,
is there other more specifc data available for this use?

Jeff Fertich, P.E.

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